Invenio-Records-Files configuration.

invenio_records_files.config.RECORDS_FILES_REST_ENDPOINTS = {}

REST endpoints configuration.

You can configure the REST API endpoint to access the record’s files as follows:

    '<*_REST_ENDPOINTS>': {
        '<endpoint-prefix>': '<endpoint-suffix>',
  • <*_REST_ENDPOINTS> corresponds to Invenio-Records-REST endpoint configurations names that you have defined in your application.
  • <endpoint-prefix> is the unique name of the endpoint configuration as it is defined in Invenio-Records-REST like configuration. This needs to match an already existing endpoint name in the <*_REST_ENDPOINTS> configuration.
  • <endpoint-suffix> is the endpoint path name to access the record’s files.
{'recid': '/myawesomefiles'} -> /records/1/myawesomefiles

An example of this configuration is provided in the Integration with Invenio REST API section of the documentation.